Monday, December 8, 2014

Daily Sketch 12/08/14

hi there!

so this year will forever be known as "The Year Jeremy Was Busier Than Usual", BUT i'm getting back into regular posting (hopefully) and all the projects i've been working on.

with that said, i usually do a "daily warm up", right before i dive into commission/deadline tight projects, i'll take anywhere from 15 min to an hour to just kind of "loosen up"-- sometimes its drawings of random people- sometimes its a dragon-- just whatever comes to mind---

this helps me concentrate more when i get into the commission/deadline tight project, i highly recommend it to all artists.

lately, i practice drawing random people, as i work as a caricaturist as well, and the more faces you draw...the better, faster you are

today's daily warm up are a couple characters from the awesome show, "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Frank, Dennis and a random character from Season 8, Ep 7.

with cartooning/caricaturing, simplifying the face into simpler shapes is key-- but a big part of the style is how you represent these shapes---keeping within the proportion ratio of the spatial relationship between them, usually...unless you're into that crazy shit, eh? ...only sometimes. Cheers all!


Saturday, November 15, 2014


Hi out there Internetz!

So two birds with one stone- i never know what to write really- and a lot of my art i post already on my facebook/other social networks.

BUT, i realized, when i draw pieces that are uhm....a lil' more adult oriented--- i have to censor myself on said social networks...NOT HERE!

I've been slowly moving my art in a few different ways over the past few months- a couple of the ways, utilizing more pencil techniques---and with these new directions, there's been some concepts that I've finally found a way to illustrate the way I've visualized them..for quite a bit of time now.

I love comic work, and cartoon work--- but as any creative, I want to continue to explore and push myself pass my limitations....the plan now, on top of all the other things I'm working on, is to get into some gallery shows- and the pieces I'm working on that are intended for said shows, I want to pull from my gut, rip from the heart--plop it on some bristol board and frame it.

this is the first concept draft for this new series...which will be a combination of wash, ink, and pencil---- a collection of fantastical nymphs/fairies, connected with nature in a visually-objective, existential nature....more on this as I explore more through sketching..

I love drawing pin ups and want to create something haunting, but beautiful....I think this is definitely the right direction, and this is a good start.

Unsure when I'll have a whole set ready..but I'm aiming for the next 3-4 months to have a couple done at least.

wish me luck!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I'M BACK! Vlog & Snake Bite art!

Hey Internetz! been a LONG time- but here's a "vlog update"

the others should be written out- but this helped to speed things up a bit on the catching up :)

Here's some links for stuffs- HELP FUND ME, KEEP ME ALIVE AND DRAWING -




SOME OF THE FIRST IMAGES of my new comic, Snake Bite, concept art!