Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wow, let's play catch up.

Well HELLO EVERYBODY! It seems like I can never quite keep up with this blogging thing anymore- but I am DAMN SURE gonna keep trying! Last time I posted here was in September so since then, here's a nicely compacted list of what I've done: Designed a billboard, went to Austin Comic Con and sold some comics, OH and finished 2 other comics to put under my belt, finished my year long co-managed project "The Daily Draw", raised only half the money to an unsuccessful kickstarter for a graphic novel i'm working on that I'm going to raise funds again for through indiegogo (it WILL happen this time around!), joined a group of awesome comic artists which are working on some awesome [secret] projects (for now), did a piece that will be featured in a book that is being promoted through Heavy Metal Magazine (squeal) and potentially an art show in LA....aaand now working on a new comic for the upcoming Staple! comic con event here in Austin March 2nd & 3rd. ...thats about it for now, haha- there's a few other things i'm sketching and doodlin' alongside my "main" projects- seems i only get busier these days- but in a good way- doing a day job and freelancing and then tackling everything else i wanna do can get to be very tiresome- but i feel myself getting closer to my goals every day...and with that in mind, its a lil bit easier to keep my nose to the grind stone. I WILL start posting shit here- sketches and all that good mess- so make sure to subscribe and all that good mess to catch it all! CHEERS ladies and gents, keep on keepin' on -Jeremy The Artist