Saturday, November 15, 2014


Hi out there Internetz!

So two birds with one stone- i never know what to write really- and a lot of my art i post already on my facebook/other social networks.

BUT, i realized, when i draw pieces that are uhm....a lil' more adult oriented--- i have to censor myself on said social networks...NOT HERE!

I've been slowly moving my art in a few different ways over the past few months- a couple of the ways, utilizing more pencil techniques---and with these new directions, there's been some concepts that I've finally found a way to illustrate the way I've visualized them..for quite a bit of time now.

I love comic work, and cartoon work--- but as any creative, I want to continue to explore and push myself pass my limitations....the plan now, on top of all the other things I'm working on, is to get into some gallery shows- and the pieces I'm working on that are intended for said shows, I want to pull from my gut, rip from the heart--plop it on some bristol board and frame it.

this is the first concept draft for this new series...which will be a combination of wash, ink, and pencil---- a collection of fantastical nymphs/fairies, connected with nature in a visually-objective, existential nature....more on this as I explore more through sketching..

I love drawing pin ups and want to create something haunting, but beautiful....I think this is definitely the right direction, and this is a good start.

Unsure when I'll have a whole set ready..but I'm aiming for the next 3-4 months to have a couple done at least.

wish me luck!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I'M BACK! Vlog & Snake Bite art!

Hey Internetz! been a LONG time- but here's a "vlog update"

the others should be written out- but this helped to speed things up a bit on the catching up :)

Here's some links for stuffs- HELP FUND ME, KEEP ME ALIVE AND DRAWING -




SOME OF THE FIRST IMAGES of my new comic, Snake Bite, concept art!