Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Drawing The Jolly Green Giant

Hello Internetz!

Been awhile!

Apologies, as always it gets a bit busier around here and its hard for me to keep up with this thing- even today there's not much except to say I'LL BE BACK LATER THIS WEEK- with all the updates including me going to LOS ANGELES for my first LA ART SHOW that feat. a piece I did (thank you, thank you) among other exciting news and projects underway.

Today, I decided to do a "quick draw" vid, seeing that I haven't done one in awhile.

Today's vid features one of my favorite all around comic heroes: The Hulk.

I've drawn the hulk a few times in the last few years, and there might be a couple projects coming along that he might become a feature of (i'll let u know as we get there)-

drawing quick videos like this- understand firstly that i have been drawing for a good while- the pose i draw him in is a very typical pose of the Hulk, a very standard dynamic pose used for him and other big baddies in the comic universe.

drawing this fast, you have to think "3 shapes ahead" - *but before going this fast* you must know ur basics, and have a good idea of what you're going to be drawing...somewhat of an idea anyway.

also featured below this video are some of the pieces i have done of the hulk in years past.

Hope you are well, enjoy and catch up more with ya soon!



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Copic Markers: THE POWER!

I recently bought a new set of markers- copic markers- which I've been hearing great things about, from an artist friend of mine.

The pack I bought are all tones of gray and I haven't been able to play with them...until yesterday.

I went out with a friend to a local coffeehouse/bar place and drew some people in blue pen, then took those same drawings and applied copic marker to them.

Mind you,I took my gray newsprint pad aka the cheapest pad you can buy- so its not ideal for heavy inks- but I could still the difference it made in my sketches and I'll tell you this now my friends....I like it, I like it a lot.

Here are a couple pages of my studies

I also did a quick, horribly edited video of a caricature I did there at The Spiderhouse of a young hipsterish guy (its a sucky thing to film with your iphone in one hand and draw with the other i tell ya!)

Nevertheless, hope you enjoy!

Thats all I got for today folks, thanks for stoppin' by, take it easy now!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Service W/ A Service Smile?

Today after my gym workout, I went to Subway to try to keep up with the healthy theme for today - and I was greeted rather nicely by the Sandwich Maker (thats the official title I'm giving him)

As soon as I walked in, he greeted me with a smile and welcomed me to the restaurant,and asked me what sandwich I wanted. He asked me how my day was, and all was going smoothly...until he asked the bomb question, "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOUR DAY?", and I slipped and made the mistake of saying "Oh its my off day, I'll be drawing, I'm a freelance illustrator" and I was asked - what I like to call, "The Unnecessary Questions".

Unnecessary question #1: "So what is a freelance illustrator"

Unnecessary question #2 which follows: "Oh thats neat, how long you been doing that?

Now, I know what you may be thinking- the guy is making small talk while he makes my sandwich. Give him a break. Yes, I can understand this- but [warning: further reading this blog will reveal how much of an @$$hole I can be]but I have this theory on formulaic, social engagement.

There's a couple different categories for this, but the one we'll be focusing on here is: "Small Talk for Vendors (STV)".

Given a situation of business exchange, the vendor, through several exchanges, gains an understanding of how much time is needed, either to run the item you're buying and give a receipt or in this case, to make a sandwich and receive money and give receipt back.

Inquiring about the client's job and all the details of mentioned job gives the client free range and control of the conversation- the time here that the client will talk can range depending on the client.

Now, if you are sincerely interested in what the client has to say and not on a time limit, then by all means, ask away. The world needs nicer people with bare-naked motives. But, and this is a strong butt,if you're doing small talk for small talk's sake and just want to finish the business exchange....avoid these questions and, if you're already heading in that direction, cut it off right at the head.


EX: "What are you going to do with your day?" - "I'm going to draw" -

ANSWER: Ah, very neat! Well enjoy

On my end, I made the convo as brisk as possible, answering the questions as straight forward as possible. There has to be some commitment to the STV, otherwise instead of feeling authentic and actually interested (not to say ALL of it is faux caring, just on those ones you can tell are), it will appear as it were: annoying and a form of small talk - which in the act of generalizing a person's career/day to further a conversation and pass the time, is somewhat insulting.

MIND YOU, this type of conversation is PERFECTLY okay with someone you're actually getting to know, friends, family, etc - just in a situation like this- with someone you'll probably never see outside the business- certain strategies must be considered and engagements followed.

I say all of this and rant about proper social engagement and how annoyed I am this man politely tried to talk with me- but last week I had just the opposite experience at the Wendy's drive thru- one person opened the window, said the total for the food and took my cash- then another person handed me my food, finishing with a "thank you sir" and a prompt closing of said window.

You'd think I'd prefer this to Subway guy, but I was equally if not MORE annoyed by this! I've become accustomed to these little exchanges with people who all in all really don't care about me or my day- the faux sincerity is part of the whole business of it all though, and is something that has been around for a looong time.

What have I learned from all of this brooding and babbling?

I'm becoming more antisocial as I grow older- & I need to start cooking. Ah the reclusive artist's life!

THANK YOU FOR READING MY RANT (if you've read this far into it you either really love me or are ridiculously bored...or maybe both. And I'd appreciate all 3!)

I'll be posting some sketch updates and such later this week, stay tuned ;).

Cheers boys and girls!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hello Pile of Catch Up stuff- you're becoming lighter

Post- "Jeremy Plague Month", there's been a pile of stuff I've been slowly pushing through- and though, as any working artist can surely attest to, the pile never seemingly goes away entirely- mine is starting to become the usual weight- which after 3-4 weeks of complete INSANITY- has made me a bit more relaxed and, on a nice rainy day as this and my day off, those emails I delayed on sending and those drafts I havent been able to touch are now going to be sent and sketched. VERY nice feeling.

Just need plenty of caffeine...and not waste a moment.

As such, this is a very short blog, but look for GREAT things from My Talking Head THIS WEEK as well as some other personal illustration works I'm getting moving.

Big and Awesome things!

To finish this off- here's a "warm up doodle" from last night that I recorded myself drawing, while listenin' to some ZZ Top- WHICH i must say- is great to listen to while drawing. "Took my time", well as much time as I let myself take within 3 minutes-ish.

Cheers, updates soon!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stuck at Wingstop, *bonus vid of "doodling"*

I am currently stuck at Wingstop b/c Of the most rain and flooding Ive seen in Austin in awhile- so I figure Id be productive.

So the last week has been very interesting- after a month hiatus- I no longer feel stress about the million projects I'm behind on and the tight deadlines ahead of me.

Going so long without working on art
- well it's made me re-appreciate all that I'm blessed with these days...and that's b/c it's only the start!

In the last couple years I've been lucky enough to have some key moments where people emphatically expressed their support in me. And that means the world, and then some.

Finally got my Danny Trejo piece "Machete Saves" printed on nice canvas and framed, ready for the Trejo show on Friday- at Up Collective here in the good ol ATX.

Sometimes I feel I got such a long way to go to get where I wanna be- but
then I ask myself, truly...where do I wanna be?

If life is just more of THIS- I think I'm way closer than I thought.

Man...these garlic parmesan boneless wings rock.

And here's a vid of me drawing a gazillion faces in 3 mins! I'm literally just drawing on a whim here, just "going with the flow" of the lines as they come to me-quite fun, I recommend everyone just letting go and "feeling it".

Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Vook into My Eyes" - The Art of Caricaturing.

So being a "Doodler Extraordinaire", I've done a variety of "doodlin' gigs" - one of them being caricatures.

I've been caricaturing now for a good 5.5 years now and I can say both my confidence and ability have grown quite much since my start.

One of the things that has been a constant since the very beginning has been "the staring".
"The Staring" is when the person you're drawing decides to stare intently into your pupils while you are drawing them.

This kind of staring can be distracting- instead of studying the distance between this person's ears to eyes to nose, or getting the proportions of the forehead, your gaze is drawn into their eyes- and it just makes the process longer, and you (or at least I) more anxious.

-One way I've gotten around this is giving an initial explanation of what I'll be doing and instructing the client to focus on any point behind my head- and just to be comfortable.

Doing so has helped me out GREATLY, and 9 times out of 10, there's no other problems that arise from this.

Now, there are those special people and/or gigs where no matter what I say- these people are set on making me look at them...or want to look deep enough into my eyes they see the essence of my soul- whatever the case, in those situations you just have to go with it and get the job done as quickly as possible.

I find I run into this situation more when I'm doing group caricatures (anywhere from 2 to 5 people)- its like, collectively, people decide not to follow the instructions and just stare at me...to any caricaturist starting out, my advice is just to be confident and have fun with your work- there's only so much you can control.

--One other skill that I'd say is pretty essential to being a caricaturist is the ability to socialize. Generally, caricaturists are pretty fast drawers- but no matter how fast you are, sitting still for one minute can feel like an eternity if the person is not engaged in conversation or actively doing anything.

Think about when you get your haircut. Your barber/hair stylist, 4 times outta 5, will at least attempt to engage you in conversation. Not to say you're not an interesting person, but the actual conversing takes your mind off of your hair cut....making it easier for your hair cutter to get his/her job done, as time seemingly goes faster- provided you are having fun conversing.

                                                            [pic of me caricaturing]

-This theory/social diversion is used in a variety of jobs - one of them being caricaturing. I've even discovered that those people who refuse to look at anything but me will finally relax their eyes and turn away once I get them engaged in a conversation- because now they are focusing on the conversation vs the drawing, I can then myself concentrate moreso on my work and relax.

Yes, drawing someone while determining what features to emphasize while simultaneously engaging in a conversation can be quite the multi-tasking job, especially if you are caricaturing a group of people- but take it from someone who had anxiety attacks before getting to a gig: have confidence in what you are doing, practice a lot, and you'll get there before you know it.



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jeremy The Stalker/Shapes

Finally starting to get some energy back- feels GRRREEAT (like tony the tiger there) after a MONTH of ridiculous bed-ridden-ness. Still a lil' bit of a cough and cold but c'est la vie, the show must go on.

Anywhere I go, especially within the last couple years, I always bring a pen on me: a regular BIC blue pen, a sharpie, a Micron, a brush pen, whatever I can find before I leave the house. Most of the time there's a sketchpad involved, but not exactly necessary.

More recently, I've started a people sketchbook. Now, yes, I've drawn people for a lil' whiles now- probably 5-6 years now of drawing people- but I'll let you in on something: I haven't been comfortable drawing people until about a year ago.

Why then, have I been drawing people so long? Because as a freelance illustrator, it is important, ESSENTIAL, to be able to draw as much around you as possible...and those things/objects/animals/beings that you are most uncomfortable with...those are the ones that ironically people may request from you and you don't want to lose out on a commission because of inability to draw...right?

REALLY, asides that big business factor, it is of my own personal philosophy the more you understand of the world around you- true understanding of proportions: of relationships between this shape and that shape- the patterns of life collective- the stronger you'll become as an artist....and the better your art will improve.

Any pro will tell you, its all about the studies.

Back to  me and my uncomfortableness with drawing people- carrying my drawing weapons with me has been part of the practice of honing my skills- any chance I get at drawing people- I draw them: whether at a cafe, at a restaurant, at a bookstore, sitting in a park, etc...NOTHING is better than live practice- especially when drawing people- to understand the different characteristics of a face- to render "personality"- nothing is better than watching and studying the real thing.

I've gotten pretty good at finding good seats wherever I go and "stalk draw" people- below is a video of my latest endeavors- eating lunch at Whole Foods I drew a guy near me drinking a beer (you'll see him briefly in the red shirt with blonde hair) and a cashier to my left side (you won't see him in the vid)

These are quick renderings- and what you don't see (and won't be able to unless we put a camera in my glasses or on my forehead...i'm totally up for it if anyone can do it!) is me taking quick references of these guys - quick glances to gauge what I will emphasize and what I will simplify

I believe there's good in both quick drawings of people and SLOW drawings of people- both have benefits in defining technique and understanding of the shapes that make up a person's face

As a good friend of mine was quoted saying by his lovely wife, "It's all about the shapes".  Simplifying the complex structure of any object and building it back "from the ground up" in your style is one of the essential skills of an illustrator- of an artist!

THIS is why I love drawing people so much now- before I didn't see the fun in drawing people and only considered drawing people as an exercise that I needed to do.

Once I truly realized the potential creativity that lies in the redefining/"re-designing" of a person via cartooning or caricaturing, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.

Below is a sketch study I did of a model and an actress who I found well, pretty damn attractive. They are drawn in a new cartoon style I'm using- one of a few I've been studying through an influence of a variety of other artists' works and redefining and adding to my own techniques. You'll see that the live drawing style I used is very different from the very fluid drawings below- the sketch study below was done with more time and precision - both the quick style of the video and the style of the drawing below are ones I value equally.

With all that said, I think its time to wrap it up for today, so I'll leave you with this- there's NO other way to kept better at something than to practice, practice...aaand practice.

....or sell your soul to the devil, but I think you'll have a better time with the aforementioned.

Okey dokey, til next time, take it easy!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Race Car Riding on a Spare.

So for the past month I've been sick pretty consistently. I started with a touch of double pink eye and sinus infection, which led to me losing my voice- this was followed by stuffed up ears and general drowziness which then led to a hacking cough and my current condition of destroyed voice and congestion.

All in all, this has been one of the shittiest periods of times I can remember- asides the actual not feeling good part- the missing/near missing of project deadlines. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm as a friend once put, "A workhorse that no one has ever seen", a title I proudly carry. Trying to relax and postpone my projects while recovering has been very frustrating, especially with the time frame of my sickness- if I only had to rest a few days, this would be a different story...but a month? Phf.

With Staple! and SXSW happening during this recovery, it's been quite the month- good times interrupted by the occasional nose blowings and coughs.

Starting today I'm trying to pick up the slack the last month has given me and hoping that whatever has infected me goes away soon.

I have a new series of cyborg posters that I'll be premiering in the next monthish- here's a draft of one of the new characters!

I'll also be appearing with some of my awesome comic friends in the "Austin Nerdcave Showcase" coming up in the next couple weeks (more details provided via here VERY soon!)

Last but not least, here's another video from Staple! where me and a few other artists were interviewed by the beautifully awesome Danni Danger!

My Talking Head (mytalkinghead.com) will also be seeing new comics and such VERY SOON- all announcements to be made in the next couple weeks...just lemme blow my nose and we'll be back in business!

Til next time folks, cheers


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Monster That Is SXSW/Zombie Caricaturing

Heya Ladies & Gents

It's that time of the year again: the epic beast that is known as South By South West is here- and thousands THOUSANDS of people have entered our fair city of Austin....and currently littering it with beer bottles, blunts and dirty dirty drunk people.

Music is one of the things that brought me here- I LOVE Austin for its music scene- SXSW 5 years ago and ACLs 07 and 08 were the festivals that showed me the wonder that Austin can bring to the table- of course, its a VERY different exp taking a road trip to austin and going to all the festivities vs LIVING here and trying to drive to work. oy vey!

Nevertheless, last year I caricatured every day of the music part of the fest, this year I only booked myself for one gig which I did this past sunday and will enjoy the rest of the week, drawing random SXSWers while I enjoy some music.

This past Sunday brought me to "Howlin'" Drew Edwards "Punk Rock Vs Rockabilly 3" - held at the Flamingo Cantina on 6th St, it was a night of punk rock and rockabilly music while I and a couple other vendors sold our goods and I doodled.

I was a vendor last year at this event and enjoyed it thoroughly- this year did not disappoint at all!

With a slew of great bands and meeting some great people and fans of my work- it was def the kick off I needed for SXSW2013.

NOTE: I am finding out I draw somewhat faster when buzzed. Nickname currently under review, "Jeremy The Drunken Artist", "drunken drawing" style.....

on that note, I'm out, take it easy now!


A couple vids of me drawing the bands!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Man, that was hell- I'll take another serving!

So far, my life in the past 2.5 years has been as such:

1.) Jeremy has a cool idea 2.) Jeremy starts drafting idea way in advance of set deadline (personal or for an art show, etc) 3.) Something happens to Jeremy where Jeremy has to postpone working on draft of project 4.) There is 1-2 weeks left til set deadline and Jeremy has to rush like a motherf**ker.

Well- to segue into my point- I recently finished my newest comic, Security! which is based on the shenanigans and people I have met during my present stint as a security guard.

I'm pretty content with this book, its the first in a series I plan to do- completely done and sent off to the printers 3 days before Staple!, my favorite con of the year held here in Austin, TX here's a nice interview done by my friends at Kung Fu Jack Knife, an awesome podcast which can be found here: www.kungfujackknife.com

KFJK interviews Jeremy the Artist from tim harrison on Vimeo.

Cons, though I'm pretty new to them, always get me all anxy and nervous-like, and i'll stress for about a month or two before the actual thing- and then its over with, and i'm chill...til the next one, haha

I've been to Staple! twice now and its my favorite con- and I think it will stay as such b/c of how it serves particularly to the "small guy" the indie comic artist.

I'm very excited that I'm finally breaking into the con game, er "Con Game" - that still sounds bad, haha, but just excited to be out there selling my own stuff. its been quite an adventure getting to this point and i have plenty of stuff i still wanna do before my story is written...though writing a story on myself will be part of it (hint hint)

It's still an odd thing when people call me "Jeremy The Artist" vs Jeremy _______, but its quite a nice thing...an alias that started out of humor is now a name that my art will forever be identified with. Oh sweet irony of life....f*ck you, f*ck you kindly.

well that does it for now ladies and gents, blog ya soon again!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wow, let's play catch up.

Well HELLO EVERYBODY! It seems like I can never quite keep up with this blogging thing anymore- but I am DAMN SURE gonna keep trying! Last time I posted here was in September so since then, here's a nicely compacted list of what I've done: Designed a billboard, went to Austin Comic Con and sold some comics, OH and finished 2 other comics to put under my belt, finished my year long co-managed project "The Daily Draw", raised only half the money to an unsuccessful kickstarter for a graphic novel i'm working on that I'm going to raise funds again for through indiegogo (it WILL happen this time around!), joined a group of awesome comic artists which are working on some awesome [secret] projects (for now), did a piece that will be featured in a book that is being promoted through Heavy Metal Magazine (squeal) and potentially an art show in LA....aaand now working on a new comic for the upcoming Staple! comic con event here in Austin March 2nd & 3rd. ...thats about it for now, haha- there's a few other things i'm sketching and doodlin' alongside my "main" projects- seems i only get busier these days- but in a good way- doing a day job and freelancing and then tackling everything else i wanna do can get to be very tiresome- but i feel myself getting closer to my goals every day...and with that in mind, its a lil bit easier to keep my nose to the grind stone. I WILL start posting shit here- sketches and all that good mess- so make sure to subscribe and all that good mess to catch it all! CHEERS ladies and gents, keep on keepin' on -Jeremy The Artist