Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hello Pile of Catch Up stuff- you're becoming lighter

Post- "Jeremy Plague Month", there's been a pile of stuff I've been slowly pushing through- and though, as any working artist can surely attest to, the pile never seemingly goes away entirely- mine is starting to become the usual weight- which after 3-4 weeks of complete INSANITY- has made me a bit more relaxed and, on a nice rainy day as this and my day off, those emails I delayed on sending and those drafts I havent been able to touch are now going to be sent and sketched. VERY nice feeling.

Just need plenty of caffeine...and not waste a moment.

As such, this is a very short blog, but look for GREAT things from My Talking Head THIS WEEK as well as some other personal illustration works I'm getting moving.

Big and Awesome things!

To finish this off- here's a "warm up doodle" from last night that I recorded myself drawing, while listenin' to some ZZ Top- WHICH i must say- is great to listen to while drawing. "Took my time", well as much time as I let myself take within 3 minutes-ish.

Cheers, updates soon!


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