Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stuck at Wingstop, *bonus vid of "doodling"*

I am currently stuck at Wingstop b/c Of the most rain and flooding Ive seen in Austin in awhile- so I figure Id be productive.

So the last week has been very interesting- after a month hiatus- I no longer feel stress about the million projects I'm behind on and the tight deadlines ahead of me.

Going so long without working on art
- well it's made me re-appreciate all that I'm blessed with these days...and that's b/c it's only the start!

In the last couple years I've been lucky enough to have some key moments where people emphatically expressed their support in me. And that means the world, and then some.

Finally got my Danny Trejo piece "Machete Saves" printed on nice canvas and framed, ready for the Trejo show on Friday- at Up Collective here in the good ol ATX.

Sometimes I feel I got such a long way to go to get where I wanna be- but
then I ask myself, truly...where do I wanna be?

If life is just more of THIS- I think I'm way closer than I thought.

Man...these garlic parmesan boneless wings rock.

And here's a vid of me drawing a gazillion faces in 3 mins! I'm literally just drawing on a whim here, just "going with the flow" of the lines as they come to me-quite fun, I recommend everyone just letting go and "feeling it".

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