Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Monster That Is SXSW/Zombie Caricaturing

Heya Ladies & Gents

It's that time of the year again: the epic beast that is known as South By South West is here- and thousands THOUSANDS of people have entered our fair city of Austin....and currently littering it with beer bottles, blunts and dirty dirty drunk people.

Music is one of the things that brought me here- I LOVE Austin for its music scene- SXSW 5 years ago and ACLs 07 and 08 were the festivals that showed me the wonder that Austin can bring to the table- of course, its a VERY different exp taking a road trip to austin and going to all the festivities vs LIVING here and trying to drive to work. oy vey!

Nevertheless, last year I caricatured every day of the music part of the fest, this year I only booked myself for one gig which I did this past sunday and will enjoy the rest of the week, drawing random SXSWers while I enjoy some music.

This past Sunday brought me to "Howlin'" Drew Edwards "Punk Rock Vs Rockabilly 3" - held at the Flamingo Cantina on 6th St, it was a night of punk rock and rockabilly music while I and a couple other vendors sold our goods and I doodled.

I was a vendor last year at this event and enjoyed it thoroughly- this year did not disappoint at all!

With a slew of great bands and meeting some great people and fans of my work- it was def the kick off I needed for SXSW2013.

NOTE: I am finding out I draw somewhat faster when buzzed. Nickname currently under review, "Jeremy The Drunken Artist", "drunken drawing" style.....

on that note, I'm out, take it easy now!


A couple vids of me drawing the bands!

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