Saturday, March 23, 2013

Race Car Riding on a Spare.

So for the past month I've been sick pretty consistently. I started with a touch of double pink eye and sinus infection, which led to me losing my voice- this was followed by stuffed up ears and general drowziness which then led to a hacking cough and my current condition of destroyed voice and congestion.

All in all, this has been one of the shittiest periods of times I can remember- asides the actual not feeling good part- the missing/near missing of project deadlines. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm as a friend once put, "A workhorse that no one has ever seen", a title I proudly carry. Trying to relax and postpone my projects while recovering has been very frustrating, especially with the time frame of my sickness- if I only had to rest a few days, this would be a different story...but a month? Phf.

With Staple! and SXSW happening during this recovery, it's been quite the month- good times interrupted by the occasional nose blowings and coughs.

Starting today I'm trying to pick up the slack the last month has given me and hoping that whatever has infected me goes away soon.

I have a new series of cyborg posters that I'll be premiering in the next monthish- here's a draft of one of the new characters!

I'll also be appearing with some of my awesome comic friends in the "Austin Nerdcave Showcase" coming up in the next couple weeks (more details provided via here VERY soon!)

Last but not least, here's another video from Staple! where me and a few other artists were interviewed by the beautifully awesome Danni Danger!

My Talking Head ( will also be seeing new comics and such VERY SOON- all announcements to be made in the next couple weeks...just lemme blow my nose and we'll be back in business!

Til next time folks, cheers


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