Thursday, March 7, 2013

Man, that was hell- I'll take another serving!

So far, my life in the past 2.5 years has been as such:

1.) Jeremy has a cool idea 2.) Jeremy starts drafting idea way in advance of set deadline (personal or for an art show, etc) 3.) Something happens to Jeremy where Jeremy has to postpone working on draft of project 4.) There is 1-2 weeks left til set deadline and Jeremy has to rush like a motherf**ker.

Well- to segue into my point- I recently finished my newest comic, Security! which is based on the shenanigans and people I have met during my present stint as a security guard.

I'm pretty content with this book, its the first in a series I plan to do- completely done and sent off to the printers 3 days before Staple!, my favorite con of the year held here in Austin, TX here's a nice interview done by my friends at Kung Fu Jack Knife, an awesome podcast which can be found here:

KFJK interviews Jeremy the Artist from tim harrison on Vimeo.

Cons, though I'm pretty new to them, always get me all anxy and nervous-like, and i'll stress for about a month or two before the actual thing- and then its over with, and i'm chill...til the next one, haha

I've been to Staple! twice now and its my favorite con- and I think it will stay as such b/c of how it serves particularly to the "small guy" the indie comic artist.

I'm very excited that I'm finally breaking into the con game, er "Con Game" - that still sounds bad, haha, but just excited to be out there selling my own stuff. its been quite an adventure getting to this point and i have plenty of stuff i still wanna do before my story is written...though writing a story on myself will be part of it (hint hint)

It's still an odd thing when people call me "Jeremy The Artist" vs Jeremy _______, but its quite a nice alias that started out of humor is now a name that my art will forever be identified with. Oh sweet irony of life....f*ck you, f*ck you kindly.

well that does it for now ladies and gents, blog ya soon again!


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